19 August 2012

Davao, Protection / Ornamentation

Taking off from the photos of ornamental protection in Manila, here are some from Davao.

Iron patterns.
Some of the most "contemporary" grilling I've ever seen.
Wrought iron, curvy shit topped with sharksfin climbing deterrent and vertical brick-like pattern.
Like rays of a sun.
Bamboo wallage to protect private space, with cross-section accent.

My favorite wrought-iron gate in the world.

14 August 2012

Ilocano Canvas Reuse

An old house has an old pillow covered by an old cotton banner.
And another.
Perdido Funeral Homes' garage features coffins covered by old flour sacks sewn together.


Dressed frogs.
The weekly market in Paoay features a few things that would make the ManileƱo throw up a little in his mouth. I am a slightly morbid non-meat eater who is often faced with things that make me shudder, but my cultural curiosity often outweighs any initial horror.

I can imagine siblings fighting over the frog segment that has the eggs hanging from them.
But also, the presence of frogs, ant eggs, and whatnot in the Ilocano menu is an encouraging diet that is "hedged"-- i.e. still includes a variety of species, in particular some that haven't quite made it into the industrial realm. Frogs or tokak from the rice fields are eaten just like chicken-- battered and fried, stewed in coconut milk or adobo-style.

There was a lady from Paoay, bla bla selling frogs, bla bla pink flower on slippers bla bla.

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