29 September 2011

Coconut Merienda

A sheath style that seems to be popular in Ilocos.

The sweetest coconut ever.
Entertaining is easy with coconut trees and large knives. Coconut meat for eating, coconut water for drinking.

22 September 2011

A Barber's Pangontra

This barber, who cuts hair inside a carwash, was from Samar and used to be a barber at the Hyatt. We got to talking about his rings. He wears them as pangontra or to protect him from evil spirits and kulam (curses).

One ring was crudely cast from bronze and purchased in Quiapo after he fell victim to a jealous neighbor's ill wishes (it's always about a jealous neighbor, I notice).

Apparently, bronze and gold can keep you protected. This was one of the reasons why old folks in Samar would put gold in their teeth.

09 September 2011

Crate Bench

The physics all work out for this bench made of old fruit crate pallets. I had a little rest on it.

More crate reuse, as a crib and tables.

PS- I'm trying larger photos out.

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