30 June 2010

Street Colors

A couple of vegetable stalls.

A man waits at what I like to call a "mini-deria".

Frighteningly colored pampalamig or cooling drinks, like aguas frescas.

A sari-sari store sponsored by both Coke and Pepsi.

Mother-in-law's tongue planted in a row.

Rainbow ginebra.

One of the many public declarations of personal attractiveness in public scrawlings.

Nice hues.

14 June 2010


Swastika countered on bus upholstery.

In the bus ride to Leksand, the driver said through a microphone: "I beg you, take your seatbelts, it is a law here in Sweden to take them."

13 June 2010

Sveriges Nationaldag

National Day of Sweden last June 6. Dat yellow cross flag be everywhere in Stockholm.

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