22 July 2012

Manila, Ornamentation / Protection

In Chinatown, the fire brigade's container office bears that spiderweb thing.
The world is a marginally nicer place because of patterns in protective wrought iron or concrete (or even wooden) grills. Less fancy urban areas employ more geometric, simple (cheaper) designs, but gated communities are not immune to this modern-day necessity. In fact, probably the only areas devoid of grillwork are located in the super rural, wooden-tungkod-window realm. These are some examples from the city of Manila.

Diamond patterns on a wrought iron grill protecting a wearhouse.

Concrete grills as a vertical accent for a fire escape?

Diagonal patterns on wrought iron grills protecting a personal storage extension.

Pretty scalloping on wrought iron window grills (with a provision for fire escape?).

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