18 June 2008

Weed Rolls

A semi-foraged meal. Pancakes are separated by langka or jackfruit leaves. These make it easy for you to pick the next one up!

Not that kind of weed, but uray. Considered by many to be a pesky plant, it can be made into wonderful things. I got a whole bagful yesterday from someone else's land. The variety was spiny, so I was a bit slow in collecting. But I was able to listen to someone making up a rap in Filipino about tomatoes, so it was worth it.

Today I made thin pancakes out of ground munggo and sticky rice, and another "found herb" that tasted like green mango. Tossed these all in a blender (whilst dreaming of a bike-powered blender, that would be really cool) and spread like a crepe onto a pan. You can use a leaf to rub oil onto the pan.

Ready to roll!

On these went the garlicky sauteed uray, which had a very distinct taste-- like spinach but more pleasant. Picked some basil and put on the side.

The sauce was made with lemongrass, garlic, ginger, onion and soy sauce with vinegar. (I used my homemade kombucha vinegar, but you can use any sort.) Just pound them all up with a mortar and pestle. Add some sugar or honey.

Extremely cheap and fresh!

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