26 May 2012

Fashionable Nylon Hair

Double oxymoron.

Mantra Notebook

Pages upon pages.

If you spent your formative years in Catholic school (I was in one since kindergarten), and were a bit on the defiant side, chances are, you've had "Mary time" (or some variation of it). "Mary time" is when your teacher makes you sit in a dark corner facing an image of Mother Mary. You prayed to her until your soul was cleansed (or, until the next period, after a short nap).

Om Namma Shivaya.
With my "time out" experiences, I guffawed when I saw this notebook in a Penang laundry shop (a social enterprise of sorts for unemployed people). It had some kind of mantra scrawled down page after page. My first, quite embarrassing assumption was that the writer was under some form of Hindu school punishment (for maybe screwing the laundry up?). As it turns out, I had rudely snapped photos of someone's mantra notebook (as explained in more detail here):
You can also write down in a fine notebook Om Namah Shivaya for half an hour or more, keeping silence, repeating it in the mind also and not looking hither and thither. You will have more concentration. When the mantra notebook is completed, keep it in a box in your meditation room.

15 May 2012

Cars and Cloth

Sometimes pieces of cloth protect cars. Other times, cars provide cloth-drying surfaces.

Curtain as windshield cover.
Rags drying on sideview mirror and handle.
More rags drying on wiper and antenna.
Another rag on another sideview mirror.

07 May 2012

Woven Gigantic Saddlebag

Custom saddlebag for produce and whatnot.
Spacious and makes the vehicle much more useful.

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