28 February 2011

Junk Food, Spotted

Bangus(milkfish)-flavored fried flour.

Never-heard-of "junk food" of the extremely affordable variety (1 to 5 pesos) litter the country's streets (and forests).

Strawberry-flavored fried flour.

26 February 2011

A Boat With An Eye

No taking chances on luck: two rosaries and an eye.

An eye is painted on the plastic enclosing the helmsman of a Puerto Galera ferry. Eyes on boats are a common symbol for guidance and protection-- originating, perhaps, from a nautical application of the Mediterranean evil eye. It was traditionally painted on maritime vessels (usually the prow) to "bend" a negative gaze back to the sender. These days, the eye can be seen on boats in many countries, from Vietnam to Mexico to Malta.

Hopefully reassuring instead of distracting.

23 February 2011

15 February 2011

Davao Fruit Vending Norms

Davao fruit vendors are selling, these days, predominantly unripe mango and papaya. Most are sold from bicycles or motorbikes. They are displayed atop carts in various ways.

Some have strips of glass installed and arrange the bags of fruit in between:

Some nestle their goods in egg carton depressions:

Still others have rows of barbeque sticks coming out through styrofoam or cardboard boxes, and rest their fruit in between:

The sauces and condiments they use are similar to Manila, with some variations.

A choice between plain fine salt (left), or (right) rock salt pre-mixed with bagoong (fish sauce):

And the most bizarre abomination yet, bagoong pre-mixed with banana ketchup:

03 February 2011

Makeshift Muscles, Part III

Improvised weights are all over the country. Oil and vinegar containers are cut and filled with concrete. Similar sightings here and here.

Poured concrete weights by a kitchen in Davao City, dumbbell version.

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