25 November 2009

Bag of Sand

A spent rice sack filled with sand serves as an improvised punching bag, hanging from a tree.

Dangling from a rope, the size of a baby.

23 November 2009


Videoke bar/house in quezon, crazy combination of yero, sawali, bamboo slats, old, unpainted balusters.

Something I miss when I'm out of the country-- the straight-up, simple, "I just want a colorful house" house.

Vertical stripes in Manila.

18 November 2009

Catching Water

AC gravy?

An antique shop uses an Absolut vodka bottle to gather the typical pesky drippings of an old airconditioner.

Malate storefront.

17 November 2009

Ambulatory Seller of Decapod Crustaceans

Average size-- half a normal face.

A roving vendor of live crabs on the bustling Malate streets.

Towel in mouth.

16 November 2009

Laid Out

Ten peso empanadas...

And the husband of the woman who makes them.

Drying fish.

Drying peanuts.

11 November 2009


Dried-up flower garlands evidence some offerings.

A juice-selling kariton, protected by a mounted Sto. Niño and rosary.

At siesta break, overturned chair, folded umbrella, cups on standby.

09 November 2009


So retro-- coconut trees and sails on little guitars.

As you walk away he offers you successively smaller instruments.

06 November 2009

Di Bakal...

Bamboo painted.

... or, when cheap and natural materials replace the standard metal.

Embedded in cement after tying by 3's.

A branch/small trunk in cement.

Branches and bamboo in a parking slot.

02 November 2009

Just Another Ms. Gay

A Sangguniang Kabataan (Youth Council) poster in Taguig.

Gay beauty pageants have become a common occurence across our archipelago. Pinoys adore their barangay gay guys. Usually they are a riot, and have so much more bravado and panache than us mere mortals when it comes to performance.

Our acceptance of the feminine, flamboyant types is a curiosity to other nationalities, in my experience-- except to Southeast Asians.

01 November 2009

Emperor Brand Vanilla Concentrate

Floral embellishments.

Another example of packaging that remains the same. Peeled from a reused box I found somewhere.

Off offset.


Ready for the oven.

Panaderias, Philippine dispensers of one non-sweet variety (pan de sal, which is getting increasingly sweet these days, actually), and numerous toothache-inducing sorts. Ever stepped in one?

Guardians of the bread.

The males in the back using a general batter for milky hamburger buns. Guy in Che Guevara shirt, one in every town of the world.

Rolling into balls.

Trays of monay on the floor.

Burger buns in the oven.

Beautiful racks and repetition.

Droppin bread on table for sorting.

Sorting different varieties and putting on trays.

Plastic bags of varying sizes hanging from the table side.


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