26 June 2008

Good Flowers and Weird Food

The rose has achieved global domination through centuries of symbolism and dripping poetry. There is an amazing irrationality to its ubiquity (along with the truckloads of chemicals needed to grow it in tropical countries).

That's why spontaneous little arrangements with who-would've-thought flowers like these are so encouraging:

Caballero, lantana, and other common flowers in a centerpiece at Daluyon Resort, Puerto Princesa.

Seeing these things pushes us to create small celebrations everyday! So set out a bowl of boganvilla or calachuchi on your table now, and all the time.

However, the same restaurant doesn't carry this practice over onto its food, as it served me a horrible dish, which was hilarious on several levels.

It was made with corn and mushrooms and carefully placed on a bed of lettuce. Nothing was grown locally, nothing spoke of the location. The funny part comes when you realize that you are about to eat actual pieces of white bread that have been cut into squares and made to look fancy. Couldn't they have made it a baked or deep-fried very thinly sliced kamote or something? It was also drizzled with some kind of really thick dressing.

The food was insanely expensive, maybe 200 to 300 pesos per dish, for pretty substandard ingredients. I was very much aghast. Just one tip for the owners: just because something is arranged on a bed of something, in a small serving, piled one layer atop another, and drizzled with something, doesn't mean it will taste good.


Daluyon Beach and Mountain Resort
Sabang Beach, Puerto Princesa
(+63927) 316 5513

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