05 June 2008

Barge Life

On the tugboat.

People of the ocean have developed appropriate ways of living. It's always fun poking around their abodes, seeing how they get on with so little belongings. They cook on the deck, they have clotheslines all around, they take care of pigeons and chickens in wooden cages and below the floor. There was a dog roaming around and jumping between boats.

During the hot afternoons, they jump overboard into the filthy Manila Bay ocean, where the metropolis drains its untreated household and industrial waste out. The water is brown and looks like piss, even if it's far from the shore (at least it still smells like the sea).

I guess, if you live on the ocean, you can't not dive in. It just wouldn't make sense.

Some fish soup for lunch.

A shower in the open air.

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