16 June 2008

Mga De Kamay na Karatula sa Baragatan

I can imagine the vendor getting inquiries all night-- "Magkano yan? One? Seven? Two hundred?"-- before he put the little "two" below the numbers. (He took the sign down after I took a photo, they weren't supposed to be selling beverages.)

It's a pity, because on the whole, sharing a cup with your companion to drink water is much more pleasant than buying ten bottled plasticky water the whole night.

At the entrance, they separate you for the security pat-down. They just sort of wave the girls in and then they turn the guys' bags inside out. What's up with that?

(A significant number of restrooms in Puerto Princesa are labeled "girls" and "boys". It's cute.)

And here, perhaps they were trying to salvage an old painted sign:

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