23 June 2008

A Culty Meal at D'Christ Canteen

Strange eating.

On the road from El Nido to Puerto Princesa. The scenery is beautiful, but eight hours inside a suspension-less bus (on worn cushion seats) can never be completely fantastic without some food and stretching in between.

D'Christ Canteen (and don't forget the "Food Haus" in parentheses to further clarify the nature of the establishment) looked quite a bit extensively decorated for a roadside food stop.

The entrance to D'Christ has a Chinese folding ornament and a curtain of wooden beads.

Colors drape the ceiling and a flowery "Welcome" looks on you as you order.

Happy dogs in a wheelbarrow thinking "Happy Dogs!!".

Where do I start? As you mull over the fairly typical food selection, you will probably wonder a bit about the carinderia's name. But religious persons are so common in the Philippines, especially in the province, that you don't spend much time on the thought. But the nagging elements persist in the background of your mind (just like the excessively colorful decor calls out from corner of your eye).

(Rob and I shared a plate, my side containing the standard pinakbet and his, some kare-kare. It was good and cheap.)

Sitaw and kalabasa in the pinakbet. I like drinking out of old Nescafe jars.

On your way out you'll spot a laminated piece of plastic finally explaining the unusual vibe in the place. Apparently, the yellow sign outlines a prayer revealed by "Father Lahi, the ultimate teacher of the final salvation and the author of this ultimate round the clock red priority great warrior power password". It is for the use of the church of "Back to Christ Royal Family in the 7th Millenium".

Click on the photo to read the whole prayer.

The prayer goes on to talk about how Jesus saves us from all dangers such as earthquakes, fire, lightning, flood, storms, tidal waves, smoke poison and sudden death. It's a pretty engaging read.

So you'll get back on the bus wondering if there is some weird energy in your food. You wonder if Father Lahi was serving your meals. All sorts of people round here indeed.

D'Christ Canteen (Food Haus)
Barangay Maoyon, Puerto Princesa, Palawan

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