21 May 2008

Wie Ghets, Dairy Deutschland?

Potato and cauliflower creamy soup with bread.

It's not easy being my tummy in Germany. Although the food is delicious, it usually entails a whole lot of cheese, bread, cream, and an endless array of white sauces. Whenever I travel to a dairy-eating country, I try to eat cultured food for the first few days, as I am mostly vegan. I mean stuff like yogurt or buttermilk to colonize my stomach with local milk-digesting bacteria.

These "vacations" from my native food are not easy. Almost every day of my life back home, I eat rice and lowland vegetables (warm weather stuff! not cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, etc.). And so when I begin to eat heavy stuff, my stomach sometimes stirs and cries out like a wounded/mating large mammal.

Nevertheless, it's all worth it. What a drag travel would be if we could not dialogue with cultures and landscapes through food!

A breakfast of various fruit, bread, jam, and hazelnut spread. Germany was created by God to spread the hazelnut gospel throughout the world. I didn't eat the egg.

I'll blog about these more in the coming days. I think for now I should be a grown-up and unpack, and sort my mind out. And yes, I've also started to caption my photos.

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