25 May 2008

Maradona by Emir Kusturica

I'm interested in seeing Emir Kusturica's new film on that crazy Argentine, Diego Maradona. Clearly he is a fan (I remember the Rom Matko screaming the football player's name in jubilation in the director's riotous film Black Cat White Cat.)

According to Kusturica, it will show
"the three Maradonas" I've discovered during the shooting: the football teacher, the politically incorrect citizen against the unilateral politics of the USA and the family man. These three Diegos will be in the end of the film I will shoot in the Aztec Stadium in Mexico, where Diego scored one of his most famous goals, during the World Cup 1986 against the English team."
If you click on the trailer, you will hear strains of Manu Chao. Can it get any sweeter than that?

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