29 May 2008

A Familiar Face!

FVR haunting me across the oceans.

I was walking with my disoriented omelet-brain and I stumbled into a Frankfurt gallery and "bumped into" our former president Fidel V. Ramos.

After days of meeting many people who did not even know where the Philippines was, I was pretty amused by the sight of him. The portrait was on an easel, and the jars of paint beside it indicated it being in the process of completion, but you never know when people do stuff for effect.

No one was around, so I put on "Disko Partizani" and danced a little while browsing the rest of the artwork. I briefly contemplated some kind of robbery, but everything was just so big.

From some EU exhibition at the same gallery. Above is a bull painting and below are dancing little cubist people individually cut from some kind of metal.

I remember neither the artists' names nor the gallery's name. But I think this one was along Kaiserstrasse.

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