02 May 2008

Ampaw or Puffed Rice

Did you know that ampaw is actually made by frying sun-dried bahaw (leftover rice)? This Filipino version of rice crispies is extremely addicting. Fortunately for calorie-counters, the process of making it is quite cumbersome:

Put aside your leftover rice after every meal and sun-dry as soon as possible. Make sure there is not a bit of moisture left, or else you will end up with colorful mold cultures. Anyway, do this everyday until you have a good amount. You then cook it in very hot oil with sugar until it puffs up, then drain. Don't add too much sugar, as it may become goopy like American rice crispies.

The ampaw pictured above was made with roughly polished Mindoro red rice. I ate copious amounts of it. I can imagine a great flavorful one made of black or purple rice! Another thing to try. Mmmm hmm...

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