28 May 2008

Exploding Rotten Egg

It actually smells much worse than it looks

Yesterday, Juliet approached the tray on our kitchen counter to pick up a suspected rotten egg. As she touched it, it exploded with a loud bang, like a five star firecracker. Bits of shell and goo were on her. Poor her.

To begin with, the egg was probably already "bad" when we bought it (from an organic fowl farmer, as you can see, the shells still have poop on them). After a couple of weeks, the bacteria produced some gaseous reaction that was too much to contain. It smelled nasty.

This reminds me to tell everyone I know that if and when you bake, remember to crack every new egg in a small bowl that is separate from the rest of your batter. In the natural world, especially among animals who have so many offspring, there are bound to be some "bad eggs". You don't want to mix a rotten egg with the rest of your ingredients!

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