03 August 2008

Clogged Thoroughfares

Hotcakes selling like hotcakes.

Along Cubao's Edsa, ignore the smoke roaring buses, and you'll find a dazzling array of penis rings and pirated porn ("Rape Scenes", "Roid Roundup").

You'll also find snacks and perversions of different kinds. This woman was selling good old banana cue. And hotcakes, which she coats with a spoonful of Star Margarine and dips in a pool of white sugar.

Banana cue with sugared and powdered and slathered hotcakes.

Remember when we thought Star Margarine could make us taller? This lump of something, which doesn't melt, is hydrogenated, is possibly purgatory in glob form.

Poor design.

Clogged thoroughfares.

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