12 August 2008

Ice Cream To Eat In The Rain

I got creative and takaw and mixed in some coconut vanilla with chocolate rice creme.

Even though summer has gone by, I still look forward to Sundays for some vegan ice cream at the Legaspi Sunday Market. I gobble them down even on cold rainy days. My favorite is when there are new flavors and I get to try them out.

David Onstott (who is a great guy and somehow my uncle, we discovered) makes the only really good-for-you ice cream in Manila (or at least, not really bad for you). They use only mascobado sugar and fruit for sweetening, a departure from the "healthy" soy ice cream or yogurt all over that use white sugar or fake sweetners. Occasionally he uses stevia.

He uses several milks as a base. Fro Yo is made with homemade yogurt. Rice Creme is made with brown rice milk. The most elusive (and my favorite) is the Coconut Milk one.

Though they come a bit more expensive than the usual (a pint is around 180-190 pesos), David doesn't compromise when it comes to ingredients. He also runs an organic cafeteria and is starting an organic farm just outside Manila, and is pretty serious about health and using nothing artificial! From someone who has all but stopped eating ice cream due to the increasing dodginess of stuff put in, this is a sigh of relief.

Suggestions would be the mango yogurt (move aside, veganness), as well as the coconut or rice vanillas.

You can text Dave at (+63918) 614 7479 or Rob at (+63927) 263 9198 for orders. Soon he will have a space in Serendra.

Fro Yo's
Legazpi Sunday Market (7:30AM-2:00PM)
Rufino cor. Herrera Street,
Legaspi Village Makati (here's a map)
MRT Station: Ayala
Walk through to Greenbelt 1. Walk out to the side facing AIM, and walk into Gamboa St. Turn right at Salcedo, walk through, and you will see it to your right sooner or later.
Alternatively, walk outside Greenbelt 1, walk towards your right until Legaspi St. Turn left and walk straight. It's past the Union Church of Manila.

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