29 August 2008

Mushroom Siomai

How appetizing!

Count me in as part of the human population that doesn't mind eating while talking about excrement, death, or disease. Or getting served siomai by a dude wearing a dead and preserved frog as a coin purse.

Siomai love for you...

I am in full support of people who wish to make unconventional food products out of plants. The siomai tasted alright, like mushrooms with onions and flour. It seemed like it might have had "cheese" (Kraft shit) in it, there was a salty and somewhat tart note. It was fried and oily. But... alright, on the whole. Enough to inspire me to try to make a steamed version at home.

I didn't try the mushroom burgers, primarily because I very much dislike commercial hamburger buns, which are milky-sweet.

So colorful and glittery. Are those mushrooms what I think they are??

AANI Herbal Garden and Livelihood Center is a great place to go if you like plants, livestock, food, and small new ideas. It's one of the few places where scientists and farmers can showcase their wares cheaply. Good ideas here rarely catch the wave they deserve, because those with access to media or purchasing power just aren't that interested.

Nicole's Mushroom Burger
AANI Herbal Garden and Livelihood Center,
Quezon Memorial Circle, Quezon City
MRT Station: Quezon Avenue
Take a jeep that goes around towards the Circle.

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