01 September 2008

More Mushroom Siomai

They're not very big. They are dwarfed by this rather large calamansi.

Yes, we are seeing a trend here. Might is snowball into the next Zagu craze or shawarma wave? Maybe not, but it's worth continuing on the mushroom path.

I just spotted another mushroom siomai booth, this time at the AANI Weekend Market at FTI. This was a healthier version, being steamed and more mushroom-y in flavor.

Twenty pesos for five pieces, not bad at all.

Who knows?

The same stall also distributes Golden Cucinero Homemade Products. And if you might just remember that you need one while waiting for your siomai, you can buy a "ballpen" here for 10 pesos.

(Like the other AANI Market, this one is decidedly down-to-earth. I'm currently having a little internal rebellion against the "upscale" Makati markets, because often the sellers are very disconnected to their raw materials, and sometimes sell them at disproportionately high prices. Admittedly, I sell at one of them. :p)

You also see here an abundance of Filipino food, Filipino ingredients, interesting plants and fruit trees, and more of those "inventors" so neglected by our government.

Golden Cucinero Homemade Products (Distributor)
AANI Weekend Market
FTI Complex, Taguig City
Scroll down on this page and there are driving directions,
since I don't know how to komyut going there.

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