22 September 2008

Almond Jelly Soothes the Belly

Their jelly is great, and comes with ice and a cherry, like a fancy sago drink.

I don't have a clue what almond jelly is made of. Are there real almonds in it at all? Hmm. I don't know, but at certain times of the day, I really don't care.

Chinese food is always nice after drinking. You can always get vegetables. The dishes are oily enough to soothe your stomach, not as heavy as Western food, and always tasty. Furthermore, Chinese places area always bright and snap you back into reality.

Thank you, Hap Chan, for providing reliable garlic-filled meals during ungodly hours of the morning.

Hap Chan Neptune Branch
103 Neptune Street, Bel Air Village
Makati City
(+632) 895-9340
(I have no idea how to get here by myself, sorry I can't give directions)

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