23 September 2008


I was hired to take photos of certain mascots doing a promotional mall tour. While not snapping the more endearing, smiley moments, I am amused by the substantial amount of children who do not actually like mascots.

There is a certain age. It is between when a child is too young to even decide that the mascot is supposed to resemble a person or animal, and the age when they begin to overdose on cartoons.

I don't blame them. It's like being in the Giant World in Super Mario, without ever having played the game. After spending lots of time with mascots, I've decided that they are pretty unsettling.

Is the time of the mascot passing? When will we begin to be creeped out by the large, gleaming eyes, plastered smile, unfeeling face?

Will it soon join other human creations in the attic that are irrelevant? Clowns, for instance, are relics of the past. They come from pre-stimulus-overload times when painting your face white, wearing colorful clothes, and a red ball on your nose, was so mind-blowing that it actually made people laugh.

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