01 August 2008

Carinderia Hits

Pinakbet with kamote, munggo with ampalaya bitters.

I don't remember what the place was called, but there's a pretty good carinderia a few footsteps away from St. Mary's College, which should be a tricycle ride away from anywhere in Bayombong. They play rock and reggae music.

I ordered my standards-- munggo and pinakbet. The munggo had a healthy amount of ampalaya greens, a rarity in most cheap eateries. The pinakbet had kamote instead of kalabasa-- a northern variation, in my experience. Good news for me, no meat at all mixed in. And all pretty non-salty (prepared food in the province tends to be a little too salty for my tastes).

But actually, the best part about Nueva Vizcaya is the pleasant relative lack of MSG in the food, more actual flavor without that special homogeneous ginisa mix taste.

And 15 pesos per ulam!

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