24 August 2008

Nana Meng's vs. Starbucks Hot Suckolate

I get my regular chocolate fix at Nana Meng's Tsokolate, where I usually order this lovely and rich little serving.

Packed with dark chocolate goodness, the very thick tsokolate e! comes in a small demi cup (a shot, if you may) for 60 pesos. This is roughly the price of a large taza of the other less concentrated varieties, such as tsokolate a! (what are those bizarre names?), and cashew and peanut variations. They are all pretty amazing. I usually take my own mascobado sugar with me.

Two days ago, a photography gig took me (quite early in the day) to a faraway place where there was only Starbucks to provide me with my legal stimulant needs. Somehow I was fooled by the fancy Hear music into ordering a cup of hot chocolate for 100 pesos. The server asked me if I wanted the special "Starbucks Signature Hot Chocolate". What was the difference, I asked, between this and the regular sort? Well, this was darker, and richer, I was told.

Well, Starubucks execs, I propose you rename it "Swiss Miss Delite". It's so soulless, thinnish and sickly sweet that I had to chuck the crap into the basurahan after drinking less than half of it. I am officially scandalized by the kind of cocoa perpetuated by this large coffee chain. It simply does not compare.

Home sweet home for this rubbish!

Nana Meng's Tsokolate
3rd Floor (near cinema escalator)
Glorietta 4, Makati
MRT Station: Ayala
Walk straight towards Glorietta from Ayala Station

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