14 December 2008

Steamed Buns

Kept warm in the colored bun farm.

Every morning, I walk a few blocks down where I am in Phnom Penh. There is a Chinese-looking woman there (she may be Vietnamese) who sells steamed buns of many colors. I buy several everyday for breakfast, each time trying a new color (thus, a new filling). Generally, I have no idea what is happening, and the filling is a surprise. But that's part of the Mystery of the East.

The green one, the league leader in terms of number of times eaten.

Side view.

I've found that the round ones are filled with mashed beans or unidentified sweet pleasant pastes. The dough itself is fragrant, with scents of maybe pandan? I'm not sure.

The paste is the same color as the bun. That is weird.

Here is a yellow one. I fantasized it to be filled with mango, but I was wrong. It's an idea, though.


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