18 December 2008

Fried Rice and Fried Rice

Garnish! Yes, they like to garnish with lettuce, which I eat.

Off to a rocky start as a vegetarian in Cambodia, I resorted to fried rice of all sorts. Not being able to explain ulam (or a savory viand, which we have with boiled rice three times a day) to my Cambodian companions, I was happy enough with what was generally rice cooked with lots of oil, chopped carrots, chives, and usually, MSG.

Closer shot of the one with so much MSG it gave me a headache.

While I would not say I was overjoyed, it definitely beat eating bread and a tomato piece or something like that. I tried to cut the extreme oil experience with vinegar and chilis, which they always have on hand, and remind me of home.

Super hot kaasiman

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