11 February 2009

Buntot Pagi

Catering to a niche market.

Long absence, again. If posting has been quite erratic, blame the itchy feet and PLDT DSL kabulokan. Anyway, here are some buntot pagi or sting-ray tails sold among the amulets of Quiapo. They are likely a byproduct of coastal areas, where the animals are eaten.


When I asked the vendor what it was, he said it was for warding away bad spirits and aswangs (local monsters and shapeshifters). Apparently, the thing must be displayed prominently in your room, and be waved around everyday by your gates, windows, and doors when evening sets in.

For the less superstitious, a suggested use is to whip burglars. Surprisingly, the thing is used in actual combat.

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