11 December 2008

Khmer Wedding

The bride and her side, with gifts from friends and family.

I arrived in Phnom Penh in time to observe a Cambodian wedding close-up. Colorful, shiny, filled with food and flashbulbs. The ceremony took place inside a carpeted, brightly lit room. Outside, under a lacy and colorful tent, hordes of guests ate throughout the whole day, with quick turnover per table.

Guests chibog.

Outside the eating tent.

Something like a speech.

A gong.

A guest with sculptured hair, hitting said gong.

This woman putting 36 fruit and food items into a tray whilst dancing, followed by a singing man.

The musicians playing various Khmer instruments.

The groom, he looks so young.

Facing the spread.

Some kind of rice cake thing I wanted to tear open and devour.

Kissing the (hand of the) bride.

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