16 October 2008

This Is My Route

Jeepney route signs made of stickers.

I love looking at fonts in public, especially bus, jeepney signs, etc.

Certainly they are free of much of the stylish trendy BS in graphic design. Sign-makers have to prioritize getting a message out there, whilst moving. Through the use of color, font size, and even an occasional establishment's logo, with the constraint of medium (cheap paint or cut-out stickers), they get it done.

The signs are usually sold to drivers at some improvised stand along the route, or by word-of mouth among route-mates.

This one come in neon.

They come on some kind of thin plywood (recently, plastic). Mostly, they come with a suction for the glass, with a little hook, so once a driver is going the opposite way on his route, he will unhook the sign and usually flip it around.

Waving golden Chinese cat says, get on now.

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