04 October 2008

Better Living Through Soup

Muscles? Allergic reaction? I can't read this Macau restaurant spread but it's funny.

I was watching some Chinese programming in my room and saw a (subtitled) news segment about the resurgence of medicinal soup. For any affliction you have-- too much heat, a sluggish liver, qi stagnation, lackluster hair-- there exists a corresponding soup. Many are cooked over a few hours and double as some kind of therapeutic tea.

With offerings going way beyond just bovine balls for virility, this is the savory soup version of the ancient adage: "Just a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down, in the most delightful way."

Furthermore, office people are taking up arms and demanding for healthier food despite their stuckness in their buildings. In Hong Kong, where the LOHAS segment is expanding just as it is worldwide, good money is being made on pre-ordered medicinal soup, delivered to offices everyday.

Reminds me of the Goolai phenomenon in Manila, except it's food made using traditional and native ingredients.

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