01 April 2008

Buchi Impostor, Raw Honey, Pampa-Regla

I took the MRT to GMA/Kamuning and walked to Kamias Avenue for a meeting. Along the way, I saw a guy on the sidewalk peddling what seemed to be a mound of buchi. I bought one for Php5. I was in total shock when I ate it and it turned out to be a deep-fried piece of bread! An impostor! But a pretty good one.

There was also a dude selling raw honey (or "honey bee", as it is so often called around the Philippines) from Mariveles, Bataan. He even had the honeycombs with him, as well as the bees that inhabit them. They were flying all over the place, freaking people out. I have mixed feelings about honey, but I bought a bottle anyway for Php60, because raw honey is so expensive everywhere else, and because he let me take photos.

On my way back to the MRT station, I bumped into an old lady selling what you'd usually find in Quiapo: herbs, medicinal syrups, poisonous seeds, incense, and pampa-regla (literally "something that will make you get your period", or abortion potion). I bought two packets of resin incense for Php10 each.

What fun!

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