02 April 2008

Fely J's Kitchen

Fely J's Kitchen is a new place in Greenbelt 5 that serves Filipino and Asian food. It takes some menu items from everyone's favorite Abe. (Both places are named after the parents of late restaurateur Larry J. Cruz.)

Anyhow, we started off with four pieces of soft tofu with crab fat (which I removed) and drizzled with sesame oil (Php225), served on those Chinese soup spoons. This was pretty tasty! I think I will try to recreate them somethime. Then we had a typical Abe meal of rice (Php55 each) and veggies in coconut milk sans shrimp (Php245).

Moving on to dessert. The bayabas or guava pie (Php115) was indeed "nicer than apple pie", with the fruit still firm and in surprisingly large cubes. The gula melaka (Php85) was tasty and just the right amount of sweetness, but a bit too goopy (soggy?).

It was all very satisfying-- nothing stellar, though. I think I prefer Abe for some reason. Maybe it's the atmosphere (more consistent and Capampangan) and the great outfits they have.

The night ended in some pondering about why LJC opted to create a whole new place, instead of putting up another Abe, given that the latter lends a ton of items to the former's menu anyway.

The meal came up to around Php850 for two people who ordered vegetarian. I guess it comes out to way more for meat-eaters. The general verdict is that you can get better value for money elsewhere-- Abe, to be specific!

Fely J's Kitchen
Greenbelt 5, Makati
(+632) 728 8858 / (+632) 728 8878
MRT Sation: Ayala
Walk across SM, Glorietta and Landmark into Greenbelt 5

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