21 March 2008

The Chinatown Women And Their Jive-Ass Shoes

Fun and harmless generalization-- SF Chinatown dwellers have their own unique style. It is consistent and unself-conscious.

A short summary:

Shoes. Approximately 70% of the women wear black leather shoes in a particular shape, 10% wear other-colored leather shoes. The remainder goes with white rubber shoes. Perhaps 50% of men wear the same, the remainder sporting function-over-style models of rubber shoes like New Balance.

Pants. Most women don loose polyfabric trousers that never graze the floor (some are inches above the shoes, exposing white socks). The older men do so as well, but below-forties wear jeans.

Tops. Nondescript and likewise loose (and slightly balloony) jackets and windbreakers are worn over nondescript shirts.

Accessories. Almost all (especially women) carry plastic bags with vegetables or freshly cooked viands and dim sum. It must rule being from the homes they are always shuffling off to!

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