05 August 2009

Suman sa Lihiya Cart

Suman sa lihiya come in twins, tied together before cooking.

I normally only have the chance to purchase suman sa lihiya from non-roving vendors, so though I was stuffed to my esophagus, I decided to stop these kids along their way home and get a couple of servings. For 14 pesos each pair, I must say, this suman-on-the-go was superb. The sauce was freshly made, not too sweet. The street was friendly and alive.

Protective plastic over the cart, which tells us who is lord.

Kids pick a banana-leaf-wrapped pair out for me.

Preparing the ridged serving paper thing.

Cutting the string. Sometimes they use banana leaf strips for tying.


Laying them out.

Cutting into bite-sized pieces.

Pouring the sauce, coconut milk cooked with raw sugar.

A barbecue stick for easy eating.

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