09 August 2009

The Skirpron

Women selling seafood, which can get your clothes smelling baaaad.

Women vendors in wet market settings often wear skirts to protect their clothing, acting as aprons would. These often have pockets for putting money or paper required for transactions. Having to be in a retail setting where I get sort of dirty, I have been pondering the merits of the "skirpron" as opposed to the aprons that I use.

Vendor takes a break and looks on.

A clear advantage is the "all-around protection" you get, and the ability to wipe your hands on your ass portion. There are also no strings to mess up. They are also pretty versatile, and I have more than a few times seen ladies pull them up above their chests to cover their shirts from dirt as well.

Furthermore, wearing it, no matter how modern your trousers are, gives you a silhouette that is a familiar sight when traveling to the provinces and a bit of Southeast Asia.

To end, that significant protective piece of fabric throughout history of our streetlife:

Lechera from Calamba. Taken from here.

"Working women" was the description. Taken from here.

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