15 July 2009

A Sweet Avocado Resolution

Large jars, with rubber at the base to prevent slippage.

I thought this guy in Divisoria was selling green mango halves in a quite advanced level of deterioration. Upon closer scrutiny, I found he was selling avocados, scooped out of their skin and into large jars. He puts a few pieces in a cup, fills with crushed ice, pours some evaporated milk in and heaps white sugar over it. I don't have a photo of the iced snack because I didn't think to try it out.

The can of evaporated milk has a wooden stick through its punched pouring hole, for practical, sanitary reasons.

I prefer my avocados savory (guacamole and the sort) or plain. However, in the Philippines, Southeast Asia, and some parts of Latin America, dairyfying and sweetening it is the most common mode of preparation. People have told me about their childhood avocado ice creams, milky mashes, and other strange things that almost border on revolting for me.

A woman selling avocados, doomed to be sweetened and drenched in milk.

I have until recently considered this as beyond my intuitive preference and "pleasure sphere", but have become intrigued by such combinations as the Indonesian es alpukat--avocado, condensed milk, and coffee or chocolate. I vow to at least try the next sweetened avocado thing I come across, just to see what the popular combinations (and variations on them) are all about.

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