17 March 2009

Sagada Cemetery

Ferny tombstone.

Sagada is famous for its hanging coffins, but Christians are lain to rest in the Mission Compound cemetery, which is a curiosity in itself. It is a pleasant and chilly walk. There are many piles of charred black spots on the puntods. This is because, apparently, the winds make candles useless, and combustible pine wood the preferred means to light a short session of remembering.

I dunno, being named Killy is like being named Deady.

A short walk down is a path that leads to a good view of the mountain across, whose jagged rocks hold some of the non-Christians hanging coffins. I didn't get a decent photo of that, but just think about the juxtaposition.

Strong clear design that would look well on a shirt or an arm.

Cosme Madalang is buried here. Madalang means sporadic in Tagalog.

Veterans' area. They didn't bother finishing the lettering paint job.

Just another tombstone shot.

A simple and beautiful crucifix depiction.

A cross impression made by pressing bottle caps on wet cement.

Large and bold restful wishes.

The cemetery at dusk.

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