30 March 2009

Global Crisis

I'm not sure what this is, a gadget on someone's roof up north.

I've been reading about it. People say times are hard. People say it's the call centers keeping us afloat, but I believe it's the informal economy. It's the commonsense portion of reality.

I've always tried to keep myself distanced from "the system", "the man", whatever you call it. I support the man and woman on the streets, those doing things outside large credit and taxation. Screw Bayani Fernando for his vision of a sterile nation. In the Philippines, it is nature, the food, the towns and the streets that are truly alive. There you a smiling culture that is artful in its response to the fickle-weathered tropics. Even on an urban sidewalk, it is there.

Only these people and the environment can tell me that there is a true crisis-- and that crisis we can solve without an invisible hand. Mankind has been doing it for centuries without heavy centralization.

I want to live life living life. All else is, in a systems view, a waste of energy. That's why I feel like the current crisis is just dead flesh cycling back into healthy existence. Things are just getting very interesting. Right now they are rickety structures over structures over structures collapsing, and we are watching from a distance.

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