30 March 2009

Alabang Public Market

Tofu squares, with pig intestines beside it. These bowls will be filled with arroz caldo.

Took a quick trip to the Alabang Public Market to buy some lumpia or spring roll wrappers and grated coconut to make some dessert. I got the wrappers but missed seeing them in actual creation, as the guy who made them went home for a bit! I will return soon with my burning questions early in the morning for a lesson in this amazing thin wonderproduct, which I eat like bread. I saw the equipment though-- it looks like a crepemaking surface.

Bottles of sauce, with bowls being wrapped in plastic. This makes it unnecessary to wash dishes.

While in the area, I got a taste of some jumbo deep-fried tofu with some soy sauce, fried garlic, and calamansi juice, for only 7 pesos. The same stall was selling pig intestines and arroz caldo as well.

The produce is enough of the standard stuff vegetables and seasonal or more unusual things (I spotted kamias, alocon, etc.). We got some smallish crabs too with blue shells.

Kamansi or breadfruit, laid out by a typical assortment of cabbage, Baguio beans, potatoes, tomatoes, and sayote.

It was getting late and I caught the market past its peak moments, but I'll be back soon. Lots of interesting nooks to poke your head into. On the way out, we spied a scooter outrageously detailed with the Louis Vuitton logo.

Logo hell

Alabang Public Market
Ride a jeep or bus to Alabang, and it will eventually drop you off very close to this market. Try to look for South Station Mall, and ask the folks where the palengke is. I apologize for the poor directions, here is a map that might help you figure it out.

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