31 March 2009

Outdoor Mani-Pedi

The lady on the left is getting a manicure from the woman seated below.

The typical Filipina treks regularly to the corner parlors (salons) for haircuts, manicures, and pedicures on the cheap-- or the parlors trek to them.

Roving manicuristas are a common sight in markets and on streets where people hang out in front of their homes. Many Filipino women avail of training in their municipal centers for income-augmenting, low-investment service skills like hairstyling and doing nail treatments. The manicuristas I observe always seem to have pre-existing relations with their customers, though I could be wrong about this. Perhaps soon I will chat one or two of them up.

With them they bring a "kit" with different cuticle-cutting and dirt-scraping tools, as well as polish and that funky pink stuff.

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