27 August 2014

Urban Drying of Semi-Unidentified Plant Matter

Note: The eschewing of iThings (for the most part) has led me back to using a camera. I really enjoy the freedom of not having a device to charge all the time, as well as having a ghetto phone verging on analogue that lasts for three to five days without charging. I feel like I have part of my sense of the present back. Having the internet all the time had me bookmarking thousands of things (mostly about food and plants and stuff that I tend to rabbit-hole about in a bad way).

This blog will be used now for both garden and street and whatnot posts. I'm a grown woman now, with my many responsibilities and indulgences. I have chosen to retain, as of those indulgences, understanding and enjoying this world through documentation.

Cut stem on a piece of cardboard.
Sunny spaces for drying plant matter and mops out.

Urban drying of a branch (or a false trunk). Likely banana, but maybe other thing. Purpose unknown. Always nice thing to see plant use in urban areas. This is a Pasig warehouse, where many of the workers are migrants. We have a lot of migrants to thank for the persistence of interfacing with plants, against environmental odds.

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