18 November 2008


Toys, combs, wallets, socks.

Roving vendors are essential to life in our cities. These manlalako (peddlers), provide cheap stuff outside of the formal economy. I see their zone as an area where entrepreneurial ideas can be tried out at minimal or no cost, making them potentially some of the most flexible and responsive businesspersons out there.

Takatak boy (man) selling cigarettes, and candy.

A cashew vendor waiting to get on the bus.

The simplest ones are those who carry their products on their shoulders and in their hands, no carts or anything. Many weave through the city traffic selling guavas, boiled quail eggs, water, cigarettes, nuts, etc.

Broom vendor in a subdivision.

In the residential areas, vendors walk around with fresh fish, vegetables, taho, ice cream, bread, native products.

An enterprising peanut vendor in the auditorium during the summit proceedings.

Recently I was waiting for my turn to speak at a summit in Cabanatuan. One man was selling peanuts out of a bucket in the auditorium. Just as I spotted him and thought "how cool!", plotting on how to catch his attention and score a snack, the moderator asked him to leave.

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