26 November 2008

Editing Memories

Get rid of the not-so-special persons!

Photo editing services are going beyond re-touches to removing and inserting persons into the picture. Even the regular Juan with no Photoshop knowledge can have a reasonable one done at the malls.

As kids, we had fewer photos than they do and will, but our collections from back then were definitely more "honest". I have stronger memories of events (and their details) that were photographed, for obvious reasons.

Those whose families own digital cameras now will have a lot of "honest" pictures on file, though they will most probably only print the most palatable ones.

Person removal and also placing kid against a Trapper Keeper-like background.

I know a lot has been discussed about the "digital generation" who are online and presenting their lives realtime, bla bla. But what about those who don't have full access to digital?

Those with no regular access to digital cameras might just end up only with few but highly altered photos, depending on how much premium people put on editing, as well as how cheap and common it will become as a means of shop differentiation (in the "dying" field of photo printing).

Many of those who don't own digital cameras borrow them from relatives or friends during special occasions. As alteration gets cheaper and more widely offered, I wonder if it will become as common as adjusting brightness or saturation or whatever? I wonder what effect this will have on childhood memories of these people?

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