14 June 2011

BYOI and Pork Fat

Some of our ingredients: lemongrass, eggplant, peppers, tomato, souring batuan.

When staying in one of those "underground" huts, be prepared to bring your own ingredients. It's better to come with a little bit of them when you arrive. As with a certain hotel in a certain Eagles song, you may have an easy time settling in, but a terrible time trying to find transportation into "town".

Rob's pork fat omelette.

Sometimes, remote homes in the Visayas will have pork fat on stock for frying and flavoring dishes. Among the thatched houses you will see smaller abodes devoted to sheltering pigs. Helping your neighbor slaughter will get you some portions and a bit of fat. Sorry if you're vegetarian, but that's how it goes. If you have problems, take one of those little wine bottles you go through in the airplane, and fill it with your oil of choice.

Sand and stones.

The Samar beachside cooking area is usually composed of a raised bed of sand, held in by coconut board. On this sand you will place several stones to hold your pot up, under which will be pieces of wood or charcoal (made of either coconut shells or mangrove trees). Think positive thoughts and enjoy the al fresco cooking. Every meal you have here will be awesome.

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