24 October 2010


"DOTC-PNR. Do not delay."

When the PNR stations were revamped, practically all "skates"-- illegal improvised vehicles built to travel on "idle" tracks-- were removed. I saw one spared, though. The PNR drinking water is delivered via official skate, by two men and a tag-along child.

Stop and pull to position.

Lift a la palanquin.


Engine removal.

Kid playing with the "horn"-- which is actually powered by a bike pump.

  • To learn more about skates, read this blog made by students as a quite cute project.
  • A couple of skate shots in this collection of rail photos.
  • An article about skate eradication, with a small review ("I thought it was quite a pleasant ride until there was a train heading toward us.").

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