29 September 2010

Singapore Clothes-Drying Norms

Towels on bamboo.

Ordinances banning public clotheslines are dumb. They are responsible for many a misshapen, stretched Hanes Beefy Tee. Air-drying your clothes saves energy, prolongs garment life, and can be quite a pleasant chore.

Uniform bamboo poles shrink-wrapped.

In Singapore, clothes are hung off bamboo poles. These poles may appear to be plastic pipes to the untrained eye, but closer inspection reveals that they are actually pieces of bamboo wrapped in a crispy, thin film of plastic.

Some securing.

In common housing buildings, they are placed either in hallways outside doors (balanced on iron rods with U-shaped placeholders welded on) or outside windows.

Hallway clothesline.

Some people have died of head injury due to falling bamboo pole.

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