20 April 2010

Palangganas and A No-Slip One

A no-slip palanggana and a scrap aluminum bucket beside, with scrap aluminum cans inside.

How do you like your batya or palanggana (shallow basin or wash basin)? I am partial to stainless steel-- a slightly higher investment in terms of pesos, but the durability compared to plastic ones is tremendous. I have yet to buy a large one, mirroring my scale of manual labor at home. I should, really.

I use mine for gathering leaves, emptying out the paper shredder, but mainly for washing underwear and small articles of clothing. Because my house is not built to release laundry water out into the garden, I use it to manually maximize water use and plant joy (while getting a tan and some arm exercise).

Some rubber has come off.

I have never, however, required a no-slip feature. What for? Bathing wiggly babies? Brushing jeans against a plank of wood rested against the lid? Children dragging it along and thinning out the frail aluminum?

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