02 March 2011


A sack of rice on the head.

I often think about a parallel universe where, by some twist of fate, carrying stuff on the head gained more popularity than carrying stuff off the shoulders. Carrying stuff on your head does, after all, allow you to bring around 20% of your body weight around without increasing energy consumption.

A woman carrying some stones in a basket on her head.

How would our modern bags look? Would we be reaching above our heads for our wallets, not doing the whole cumbersome backpack maneuver? Would the cliche silhouette of the mountainclimber resemble like The Head?

Rootcrops up the mountain, on her head.

A bunch of grasses, on a banana leaf to prevent itchiness, on her head.

Upland pottery with a woman with, well, stuff on her head.

An empty "head basket", containing a pine needle cushion for the top of the head.

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