27 February 2010

More Frankenbikes

Lady driver, reprezent.

I dream of someday driving up to the grocery (or Sunday market) in a bike (tricycle, actually) like this. It's so roomy, and so much the opposite of hyper-engineered suppository cars. I do love improvised vehicles. They are a universe on their own and I wish to someday meet a Maker.

A jeepney route sign.

These larger "frankenbikes"are motorized. I suspect they are mopeds with the option to pedal if needed. Many of them have car steering wheels in place of handlebars. If I had this ride, I would take friends around, maybe have a little tree in a pot somewhere in there, and, maybe, a grill in the back for when I get hungry.

Under the fiesta colors with the token guy that has his shirt up, scratching stomach.

A parked one. Rope on the front bar for tying cargo in.

Rope ties passenger backrest down, scrap slipper rubber keeps driver backrest softish.

And some other human-powered vehicle photos from thereabouts:

Fully loaded pedicab. Note a cheetah print umbrella tucked away overhead, and handlebars held together by tape.

Deluxe ride under a beach umbrella.

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